Death toll rises to 52 in China floods

Fifty-two people including two school children have died so far in floods in China

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The number of people who have died in a flood in China has risen to fifty-two, including two school children who were stuck in a bus carrying overload passengers, AP reported. 

The floods hit the mountainous districts of six provinces and autonomous regions in central and southeastern China. At least 250,000 people were displaced as buildings and crops have been damaged.

Floods and heavy rains killed 42 people aside from two school children following a landslide in the city of Guiyang.

Eight other people were killed in the central province of Hunan when a bus skidded into a guardrail, overturning.

21 kindergarten students were seriously wounded because of an accident involving an overloaded bus. 

The bus was reported to have a license to carry 11 passengers but there were 26 people inside, the Guangxi regional government said.

Government officers arrested the driver, teachers and school administrators. 

In China, overloaded buses cause deadly accidents which have killed scores of children in recent years as local schools are closed and consolidated into larger campuses farther away from the children's home villages.

China was hit by major floods almost every year because of seasonal rains. 4,150 people died in the 1998 floods, most of victims were the residents of Yangtze River.

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