Death toll rises after China factory blast

Chemical factory explosion in China’s Dongying City results in 5 deaths

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Death toll reaches 5 after explosion at chemical plant in the industrial zone of Lijin, Dongying City, China.

At least 5 people are confirmed dead following an explosion that took place at a chemical factory in China’s Shandong province on Monday, according to state news agency Xinhua.

The blast had occurred in the industrial zone of Dongying City, in Lijin county, Shandong province, close to midnight. The fire was brought under control after several hours. Also, six company executives were arrested as an investigation is ongoing.

The location is roughly 275 kilometres south of Tianjin, where a massive chemical warehouse explosions had killed at least 158 people on August 12. It was revealed that the warehouse company failed to follow safety regulations, as the factory was too close to homes and stored more dangerous goods than was permitted. This led to the arrest of 12 company employees and executives along with 11 government officials.

Locals forced to leave their homes by the massive Tianjin blasts, had protested in anger last month, seeking reimbursement.

The explosion in Lijin is the second one to happen in Shandong in over a week, the previous one had left eight people injured.

After three decades of swift economic growth marred by incidents such as mining disasters and factory fires, enforcing safety standards is increasing in China, President Xi Jinping has vowed that authorities will learn the lessons paid for with blood.


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