Doctors want pregnant refugee flown to Australia

Doctors demand pregnant refugee to be brought from Nauru to Australia to give birth amid health complications

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Doctors call for asylum seeker in Nauru to be brought to Australia to give birth.

A group of doctors on Friday raised concerns over a pregnant refugee, who is facing health complications in Nauru. They want the Australian government to bring her to Australia for treatment, as the island lacks the necessary medical facilities.

The Kurdish-Iraqi woman, 34, is 40 weeks pregnant with her second child and is also suffering from diabetes.

The pregnant refugees husband Rashid, speaking to media sources said that, "My wife now has pain around her back and her stomach. She's waiting. She waits. The system is really terrible."

A neonatal specialist, Dr Andrew Watkins said that he had been invited to Nauru to treat the woman, but he had refused on the grounds that the island lacks the necessary medical facilities to treat her properly.

"They anticipate the delivery of a baby on Nauru. They want a neonatologist to be available from the 6th of November, today, for a week to look after the baby," Dr Andrew Watkins said.

"Pregnant women can fly with appropriate supervision. It's probably safer than transferring a sick baby," he added.

According to the Australian government’s refugee policy, those who arrive by boat are not accepted. Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has also recently complained about refugees who arrive in Australia for medical treatment.

Refugee advocates say that there are three more pregnant asylum seekers who are close to full-term in Nauru.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection claims that necessary support is being provided for the pregnant women.


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