Drug producers sentenced for deadly medicine in Bangladesh

Directors and managers of pharmaceutical company jailed for 10 years in Bangladesh

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Using of deadly chemical, Di-Ethylene Glycol inside of medicines killed hundereds of children between 1989 and 1992 in Bangladesh

Six employees of a drug company in Bangladesh received prison setences from a Bangladeshi court for causing death of hundreds of children in 1990s, a prosecutor said.

Prosecutor Nadim Miah announced the verdict of the years-long case saying that three directors and three managers of BCI Pharmaceutical Company got 10 years in prison for triggering the tragedy in which children suffered from kidney failure after drinking the syrup.

"They were given the penalties for adulterating paracetamol syrup used for babies," Miah said.

The court gave the name of the criminal for the drug scam as BCI Directors Shahjahan Sarker, Shamsul Haque, Nurunnahar, Production Manager Tajul Haque, Quality Control Manager Ayesa Khatun and Executive Director ASM Badruddoza.  

Even though the court gave the decision for six criminals, only one of them, director Shahjahan Sarker will go to prison due to absconding of his workmates since 2009 following to first verdict.

More than 76 children lost their lives because of the presence of a fatal chemical inside of the paracetamol syrup. Following the revelation of the scandal in 1989, many doctors forced the government to crackdown on the local drug companies.

The test results on the medicines which were circulated on the market indicated that another four pharmaceutical companies used the poisonous Di-Ethylene Glycol in their products, along with BCI Pharmaceutical Company

The case was firstly filed on Nov. 30, 1992 against drug superintendent Abul Khayer Chowdhury and  six employees of the company.They charged in 2009 and the trial stalled until Feb. 20, 2011.

Last year, Adflame Pharma’s owner and manager had got 10 years in jail for producing spurious paracetamol.


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