Dutch firebrand MP attends anti-Islam party launch in Australia

Right-wing Dutch MP Geert Wilders shouted down by angry protesters at chaotic press conference in Perth due to his anti-Islamist rhetoric

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

The Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders said in his speech, "we have had enough of the Islamisation of society"

Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders was shouted down by protesters during his visit to Perth, Australia as he joined the launch of a new political party, the anti-Islam Australian Liberty Alliance.

Wilders said that the new political party modeled his own Freedom Party that opposes "the Islamisation process" reflecting "Australia to stay Australian"  ideal.

The Dutch firebrand and eurosceptic politician told reporters that, “Europe can't handle the growing number of Islamic asylum seekers," saying it "will cost billions of euros in coming years and change society and culture entirely.”

"Please don't think that it won't happen to Australia tomorrow."

Wilder who has a notoriety for his words against the asylum seekers claimed that many were "not refugees at all" and suggested that they seek safe haven in the more stable Arab nations like the UAE, Jordan and Oman.

"What about Saudi Arabia and all of those rich Gulf states? There are only a few hundred refugees that they are taking in. I mean, it's their people, it's their religion, it's their culture. And the reason that they are not taking them is most of the people want to come to Europe, not really to be safe, but to enjoy our big fat welfare state,” he added.

West Australian Premier Colin Barnett wanted the state-owned venues not to host Wilders, who has been barred from entering other countries due to his anti-Islamic discourse and attitude.

Barnett said that, "I do not support him and I do not support the things he says."

"However, I do recognise the right to free speech. He can say what he wishes to, but he will not have any support from the West Australian government at all," Barnett added.

Australian Opposition Leader Mark McGowan also criticised Wilder saying that,“his presence is disruptive, it's offensive to many people. I don't know why anyone would take any notice of a foreign politician coming into this country and trying to spread hate and fear."

The Dutch far-right populist politician Geert Wilders, weeks ago, had attempted to boost the German anti-Islam movement Pegida with a speech mocking Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel for her welcoming the asylum seekers with her words Muslims “belong to Germany.”

Wilders offered to take Merkel back to the Netherlands with him, provoking chants of “Merkel must go!”

Wilders is often reviled for his fiery rhetoric against Muslims.

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