Execution of Pakistani paraplegic man postponed

Death sentence of disabled Pakistani prisoner delayed, after officials fail to meet court deadline to outline how paralysed man will be hanged

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Abdul Basit is on death row for murder

The execution of a paraplegic Pakistani prisoner, Abdul Basit, was delayed after officials failed to meet Tuesday's court deadline to outline how the disabled prisoner will be hanged. 

In 2008, Basit was arrested on charges of murder and sentenced to death. The court ordered the execution to be carried out in Lahore last month, however, it was postponed.

After he suffered an illness in prison in 2010, Basit became paralysed from the waist down and since then he has been using a wheelchair.

His lawyers contend that he has already suffered "unusual punishment" and to hang him would constitute a form of "double punishment" which would be illegal.

According to the Pakistani and the international law, executing disabled people is prohibited.

Pakistan reintroduced the death penalty in December 2014, since then over 200 people have been executed.  Pakistan has the highest number of death row inmates in the world, 8261 people are currently awaiting execution.

Pakistani government says this is a counter-terrorism measure, capital punishment was reinstated in Pakistan after 150 people, most of them children, were brutally killed by the Taliban in the Peshawar school massacre in 2014.



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