First arrestee in Bangkok blast transferred into custody

First arrested suspect in Bangkok blast is transferred into police custody

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

The arrested suspect of the Bangkok blast is detained by police officers at the Metropolitan Police Bureau in central Bangkok

Thai military transferred the first Bangkok blast suspect into police custody in Friday. The suspect, later identified as Adem Karadag, was arrested on Aug. 29, after police raided his apartment.

Police had found dozens of fake passports and bomb making materials in his apartment, which were allegedly used in the blast at Erawan Shrine on Aug. 17.

"Metropolitan police have taken the suspect into custody from the military, according to the order of the National Council for Peace and Order number 3/2558(2015). The detention has reached the limit of seven days. We conducted his health check and found Karadağ, in normal condition," said Police spokesman Prawut Thawornsiri said.

"The suspect holds a Turkish passport. We used three languages (during the interrogation) which are English, Arabic and Turkish," said Prawut.

Adem Karadag, the first suspect to be detained, was arrested last Saturday. Initially he was alleged to be Turkish, but the allegation was later proven to be false, as the suspect was carrying a fake Turkish passport.

The police reported on Friday, the suspect is unlikely to be the chief suspect of the blast. DNA test results of him did not match the DNA sample found in the blast site. The second arrested suspect was also ruled out being the main suspect. The police have issued seven other arrest warrants.

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