Flood in Japan sparks evacuations of 100,000 people

Thousand evacuated from towns in Japan as tropical storm Typhoon Etau sparked heavy floods

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A man wades through a local shopping area flooded by the Kinugawa river in Joso

Updated Sep 11, 2015

Heavy rains and flooding emerged after tropical storm Typhoon Etau brought winds up to 125km/h (78mph) to central Aichi in Japan, wall of water from Kinugawa River’s burst banks and hit the city of Joso.

More than 100,000 people have been ordered to evacuate as Ibaraki and Tochigi areas had been put on highest level of alert on the second day of floods sending radiation-tainted waters into the ocean from Fukushima nuclear plant. Severe landslides also have been reported as Tochigi rains rosu up to 60 centimetres since Monday evening in a breaking record.

“Hundreds of tonnes of contaminated water have flowed into the ocean,” a spokesman for operator Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) said.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe “The government will stand united and do its best to deal with the disaster... by putting its highest priority on people’s lives,” told reporters.

One person is missing in Kanuma, Tochigi prefecture and at least 17 are injured, including a 77-year-old woman who broke her leg after falling in strong winds, local media has reported. The missing person feared to be buried in landslides is still being searched by rescuers, an official said.

So far, 12 military helicopter took place in the rescue operation along with an additional 55 members of the Japanease military, reported the Self Defence Force.

According to officals, the number of those participating in rescue efforts will rise. 

Residents are seen as they wait for rescue helicopters at a residential area flooded by the Kinugawa river

Takuya Deshimaru, the chief forecaster at the Japan Meteorological Agency told "This is a scale of downpour that we have not experienced before. Grave danger could be imminent," at an emergency press conference.

Typhoon Etau also effected transportation in the country. Dozens of flights have been cancelled, some roads were closed and train services have stopped temporarily in the hardest-hit areas.

A television footage showed a couple clinging to the rooftops with their dogs before helicopters rescue from floodwaters.

Last month Kyushu island of Japan was hit by Typhoon Goni, injuring 70 people and killing at least one person.



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