Four killed in Nepal during constitution process

Four people killed during protest against proposed constitution prescribing Nepal split into seven federal provinces

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Protesters clashes with police during constitution protest

Violent protests against a proposed constitution escalated in southern Nepal on Wednesday, with demonstrators attacking police who shot dead at least four people, according to officials.

Nepal is on the brink of writing a new constitution that divides the country’s 28 million citizens between seven federal provinces. However, many people living in Nepal’s southern plains close to border of India oppose the plan because it would involve splitting the region and merging the pieces into larger provinces with other ethnic groups.

Since the draft constitution was published last month, thirty people have been killed.

Police officer Saurav Rana said that after police were attacked by angry demonstrators with sticks and stones, three demonstrators were shot in the town of Jaleswor in Mahottari district.

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