Gunfire kills 2 minors between Indian-Pakistani border

Gunfire and shellings near working boundary between India and Pakistan leaves two minors dead and 14 people wounded

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A view of the fenced border between India and Pakistan [Reuters]

Updated Oct 29, 2015

Fire exchange between Punjab Rangers and Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) at the Working Boundary left at least two minors dead on Monday in the Shakargarh sector near the disputed Kashmir region.

According to Pakistani officials, a 10-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy lost their lives in the accident.

Narowal District Coordination Officer Najaf Iqbal also gave information, stating that 14 people were wounded in the incident due to fire near Sialkot, a city in eastern Punjab province.

The district administration set up a medical facility to provide first aid for the wounded people, Iqbal added.

Indian media also reported on Monday that six civilians were injured due to shelling near the border in Samba and Kathua districts of the Jammu region.

Although a border ceasefire agreement was signed by India and Pakistan in 2003, both countries frequently blame each other for the violation across the Line of Control (LoC) and Working Boundary.

Last week, Pakistani Prime minister Nawaz Sharif met with US President Barack Obama during his three-day trip to Washington.

During the meeting, Nawaz and Obama expressed concern over the violence along the LoC and Working Boundary, underlining the importance of building sustained dialogue between Pakistan and India to resolve territorial disputes.

Addressing the recent development on the issue , Sharif said during an address to the US Institute for Peace that India prefers military build up instead of growing dialogue and peace.

"It has adopted dangerous military doctrines. This will compel Pakistan to take several countermeasures to preserve credible deterrence,” Sharif said.

"Obviously the Pakistan-India relationship poses the most difficult and urgent challenge," he added.

Following the increment on the violations this year, the Pakistan Army applied to the United Nations Military Observers group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) to request a team to observe the situation on the boundaries.  

Responding to the request, in July UNMOGIP started a fact-finding mission at Saleh Pur, Chaprar and Malane in the Chaprar sector near the Working Boundary.

Officers from UNMOGIP interviewed wounded civilians and calculated the damage on civilian structures in the area.

Despite the all efforts, the violence has been boosted by both sides, coming to a vicious cycle.

The conflict between Pakistan and India has been on-going in the disputed territory of Kashmir since 1989. Muslim residents in the Indian-held portion demand independence or a merger with Pakistan, which holds the western areas.

The dispute has left over 68,000 people dead over 26 years, as well as two wars have broken out between the two countries over the territory.

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