Heat wave flows from Pakistan to Gulf states

Heat wave travels from South Asian continent to Gulf States

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The hottest temperature of all time was verified on Wednesday in Sweihan, Abu Dhabi, where the temperature reached a record of 50.5C at 12pm local time.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is facing a consistent heat wave that was first logged thousands of kilometres away.

A week ago an Indian heat wave claimed over 2,000 lives, however the temperature was still hotter in central Pakistan. The Indus valley saw temperatures rise up to 49C on a daily basis.

In Nawabshah, Northern Hyderabad a temperature of 49C was registered consecutively for four days. On May 24, a temperature of 49.5C noted the highest temperature of Pakistan’s heat wave.

The heat didn’t disappear, it has swiftly moved towards the south, passing through the Indus delta, over Gwadar and into the Arabian Sea. With the beginning of June, the temperature in Gwadar dramatically increased by 10C to 48C consecutively for two days.

The heat wave that is visible due the dust that circulates with it when observed by satellite indicates that it has now reached Oman and the United Arab Emirates. The temperature here has increased by up to 5C since the beginning of June.

The Khasab, Sunayah and Fahud provinces of Oman verified temperatures of 49C on Wednesday. This is a record high heat for Khasab locate on the Musandam peninsula.

In the UAE, the heat wave impacted Ras al Khaimah, with two days of 47C record heat. Whilst in the Sharjah province, temperatures reached 46C and in Dubai 45C.

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