Help message leads Australian police to rescued UK tourist

UK tourist writes message on sand and gets rescued by Australian police after being lost in Northern Australia for two days

Photo by: Other
Photo by: Other

Queensland Police rescued a 63-year-old British tourist, Geoff Keys who got lost in the Australian bush in far-north Queensland last month after he wrote a message in the sand on the beach asking for help, local media and police said.

Police later released the photographs showing the message reading "HELP 2807" and of Keys being rescued.

Keys had left his campsite to go for a walk, then got lost trying to find his way back, local media reported.

The police helicopter located Keys around 3pm local time (0500GMT) on July 30, almost 48 hours after he had written the message in the sand. He was winched to safety and taken to the nearest hospital to be treated for cuts to his feet, Queensland Police said in a statement.