Hong Kong police tracking two blast suspects

Hong Kong launches investigation to hunt down main suspects of small explosion outside Legislative Council

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Civic Party member Ken Tsang (3rd R), from one of Hong Kong's pro-democracy political groups, being taken away by policemen before being allegedly beaten up by police forces as seen on local TV footage shot outside the central government offices in 2014

Hong Kong Police launched an investigation to find two main suspects who are allegedly connected with to an arson attack outside the Legislative Council following a council debate on the copyright bill on Wednesday night.

The incident occurred outside the Legislative Council when a fire was ignited in a container, followed by an explosion.  There were no injuries or deaths reported in the incident. 

According to Hong Kong police, it is not certain whether the blast was linked with the debate.

The controversial bill was delayed when the required number of legislators failed to attend.

The bill aims to reform the city’s copyright laws, providing a broader protection for copyright owners on the Internet.

Opponents of the bill claims that it can jeopardize freedom of speech, creativity and political satire, thus activists gathered outside the parliament and called for a rally with the attendance of thousands.

The autonomous territory experienced  three month of protests beginning in September 2014, known as the “Umbrella Revolution” or “Umbrella Movement” after the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress announced the electoral reform proposals.  

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