Hui Muslims mark Ramadan in China

While curbs on religious practice remain in place in the predominantly-Muslim region of Xinjiang, for Hui Muslims in Beijing, Ramadan allows them to relive centuries-old traditions.

Photo by: (AFP)
Photo by: (AFP)

China has two main Muslim groups, the Hui, who are concentrated in Ningxia and and the Uighurs, a Turkic-speaking people who have more in common with Central Asia.

The World Uyghur Congress says that China is trying to prevent people from fasting during Ramadan in the predominantly-Muslim province of Xinjiang.

According to the body, officials in the region have ordered all restaurants to remain open.

But just outside of China's capital Beijing, one Hui Muslim village, Xueying, has been celebrating Ramadan for centuries.

"The entire village believes in Islam. In this way it's much easier to follow the Islamic tradition than in the city," the village imam says.

Dan Epstein has more for TRT World from Beijing.