Indian court finds 12 men guilty over 2006 Mumbai blasts

Indian court finds 12 men guilty over 2006 Mumbai blasts, awaiting for death sentence or life in prison

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

The convicted men were accused of waging war against the nation, conspiracy and murder

A court in India’s western city Mumbai found 12 men guilty for taking part in the 2006 bomb blasts of public trains in the city.

The 12 men who were accused of the mastermind blast on the public train system were accused of waging war against the country. One man among the suspects was set free.

Judge Yatin D Shinde, is expected to decide on their sentences, which may include the death penalty or life in prison, following arguments from the prosecutes and the defence attorney’s.

"Justice has been done for the people of Mumbai. I will ask for the strictest punishment when I argue for their sentences," public prosecutor Raja Thakre told reporters.

The prosecutors claim that the blast was planned by Pakistan’s intelligence agency (ISI) and conducted by the operatives of the Pakistan-based militant group - Lashkar-e-Taiba - alongside the outlawed Student’s Islamic movement of India.

Pakistani authority has dismissed the allegation and said that India had no evidence to prove Pakistan’s involvement in the bombing.

The Mumbai commuter trains that were targeted in the blast, were among the busiest train lines in the world, boarding more than a million passengers on a daily basis.

The bomb attack was carried out during the evening rush hour on July 11 2006. There were seven blasts which resulted in 189 deaths and more than 800 casualties.

Over 200 witnesses have been charged during the eight-year-long trail, that ended in August 2014

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