India's Modi bemoans Pakistani 'nuisance' in Bangladesh

Indian PM concludes two-day visit to Bangladesh where he inked important agreements and slammed Pakistan

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused Pakistan of creating a "nuisance" and "constantly troubling" India by promoting terrorism during his visit to Bangladesh on Sunday.

Speaking at the Bangabandhu International Convention Center in Dhaka, Modi said, "Pakistan every now and then disturbs India, creates nuisance, promotes terrorism and such incidents keep recurring," in a blunt criticism of India's nuclear-armed neighbor.

The trip is Modi’s first visit to Bangladesh after he was elected a year ago. India and Bangladesh have been engaged in a decades-long land dispute. There are tens of enclaves of each country inside the other’s territory, many of which are landlocked. More than 50,000 people reside in these enclaves and are legally stateless and deprived of citizenship.

Last month the Indian parliament passed amendments to the constitution in order to resolve the issue. On Saturday, Bangladesh and India signed a border agreement permanently ending the dispute through swapping territory. The inhabitants of the enclaves are to be given the right to choose between becoming citizens of either of the two countries.

Apart from the border agreement, both countries are aiming to strengthen ties and cooperation in sharing information to fight terrorism. New investment deals include a $4.5 billion power deal and $2 billion credit facility. The two countries have also started bus services along the border.