Indonesian authorities kill two terror suspects

Indonesian authorities shoot two terror suspects and arrest seven others

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Indonesian authorities killed two terror suspects and arrest several others in notorious neighbourhood known to home terrorists

Indonesia’s special anti-terror forces have killed two men in the midst of a firefight in a village located on Sulawesi ısland, said a spokesperson for the National Police Angus Rianto.  

"When we tried to arrest them, they resisted. There was a firefight and two from the group were killed," he said, adding that two policemen were injured.

Several other suspects have been arrested and seven others have been detained in the Sulawesi capital Makassar, Rianto said.

The suspects were linked to Indonesia’s most wanted terror group, Mujahideen militant group.  The militants’ hideout is in the jungles of central Sulawesi along with their leader Santoso, said the spokesperson.

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country and has contained militancy for over a decade. It has successfully disassembled the most influential militant networks.

The Mujahideen group are considered as one of the few terrorist groups that threaten Indonesia. They frequently launch attacks on security personnel but are normally considered low impact.

However, tensions grow about the influence of ISIS and Al Sham group, with fears about Indonesians returning from ISIS controlled areas of attempting to revive militancy networks back home.


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