Japan wants workers to leave the office early on Friday

It's a national campaign to get workers, at least once a month, to leave their desks earlier. Tokyo is pushing the campaign after the CEO of Japanese advertising giant Dentsu resigned following the suicide of an employee because of overwork.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

The initiative to cut down working hours also aims to give people more time to shop.

Japan is the world's number three economy but it comes at a cost. Many of its citizens work some of the longest hours on the planet and it's taking a toll.

There is even a word in Japanese, "Karoshi," which means "death from overwork."

But now, Tokyo's governor is launching "Premium Friday," as part of a campaign to encourage companies to let workers leave the office at 3pm on Fridays at least once a month.

TRT World spoke to Mayu Yoshida, who said the initiative could address a national health crisis in Japan, and boost consumer spending too.