Kabul siege leaves five dead

Afghan police announce five-hour siege leaves at least five dead, including one American and two Indian nationals

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Afghanistan security officials said on Thursday at least five killed including one American and two Indians after Wednesday’s storm to a guesthouse in the Afghan capital Kabul.

Late on Wednesday, an unidentified gunman stormed a guesthouse in Kabul’s Kolola Pushta area.

An army commander said police and special forces immediately cordoned off the area around the Park Palace guesthouse where foreigners in Kabul mostly accommodate.

Early on Thursday, Kabul Police Chief Abdul Rahman Rahimi said one attacker was shot dead.

Police Chief Rahmi also said Afghan security forces rescued at least 44 people trapped inside the guesthouse after five-hour siege.

The United States Embassy in Kabul has confirmed the death of an American national in the attack.

The Indian Embassy also stated that at least two Indian nationals killed in the attack and three others were rescued and sheltering at the embassy.

Commander of the Afghan National Army’s 111th Corps Qadam Shah Shaheem said no one claimed responsibility for the attack.

The late Wednesday’s attack was the second on the same day in Afghanistan.

Earlier on Wednesday, gunmen opened fire at a building in the southern province of Helmand during a meeting of the country's prominent Muslim clerics, killing at least seven people.

Responsibility of the Helmand attack has been claimed by Taliban who has been fighting against the United States-backed government in Kabul.

Late in April, Taliban announced they started their “spring offensive,” taking the advantage of Afghan security forces’ unprepared conditions after foreign forces had started withdrawing their missions in the country.

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