Kim Jong-un orders execution of 15 officials this year

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un allegedly orders execution of 15 officials this year, according to secret parliamentary meeting report made by South Korean spy agency

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Shin Kyung-min, a member of South Korean parliament's intelligence committee, claimed that the North’s Kim Jong Un has ordered execution of more than a dozen officials who objected or challenged his authority inside.

"In the four months this year, 15 senior officials are said to have been executed," the MP said by referring to a closed-door meeting in the parliament during which the South Korean spy agency gave a briefing report.

Shin attributed his claims to an unnamed National Intelligence Service official as quoting him and said, "Excuses or reasoning doesn't work for Kim Jong Un, and his style of rule is to push through everything, and if there's any objection, he takes that as a challenge to authority and comes back with execution as a showcase."

Shin also said a vice minister for forestry who was believed to have complained about a state policy and four members of the Unhasu Orchestra, where Kim's wife, Ri Sol Ju, previously performed as a singer, were among those executed without elaboration.

Since he came to power in the wake of his father Kim Jong-il’s death in 2011, Kim Jong-un used some brutal methods to eliminate his regime opponents together with those who objected his policies around his close circle.

The North Korean autocratic regime repeatedly accused most of those people of espionage, corruption, bribery, spying or treason.

In 2013, Kim had ordered execution of his uncle Jang Song Thaek, once considered the second strongest man, as he was blamed for corruption and committing crimes damaging to the economy.

Kim is expected to make his first overseas visit next month to Moscow where he will attend to the 70th anniversary of Soviet victory over Nazi Germany upon the invitation of President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

North Korea’s leader is believed to stay at Pyongyang's embassy residence in Moscow since he has not booked somewhere yet for his accommodation.

The North Korean intelligence seems very cautious about Kim’s protection and it meticulously focuses on the issue after last year’s leaked Sony Pictures movie, The Interview, a comedy that was subjected about a plot to assassination of the North Korean leader.

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