Kim Jong Un praises deal with South Korea

North Korean leader describes deal with South Korea as landmark

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un describes the Tuesday accord between the North and South as "a landmark occasion".

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un called this week’s agreement between the North and South “a landmark occasion” on Friday, during a meeting on the Central Military Commission of the North's ruling Workers' Party of Korea.

On Tuesday, the long lasting opponents expressed regrets over recent tensions that had almost led to war. Pyongang apologised for the wounding of the South Korean soldiers during a landmine incident, as Seoul responded it would halt anti-North propaganda broadcasts by the border.

“The joint press release published at the contact provided a crucial landmark occasion of defusing the acute military tension and putting the catastrophic inter-Korean relations on the track of reconciliation and trust," Kim said according to the North's KCNA news agency.

He also noted the deal was possible due to the strength of its armed forces.

After the Tuesday accord, both sides expressed willingness to improve ties.

In fact, South Korea said on Wednesday that it was ready to evaluate whether or not it will lift North Korean sanctions that have been in effect since a 2010 naval attack.

The South had accused the North of a torpedo attack on a navy ship that had caused the death of 46 sailors. Following the incident, South Korea froze many exchanges with the North, including tourism, trade and private aid.

The North had denied the allegations but South Korea said it expected an apology to lift the sanctions.

Korea has been divided since the end of World War Two, the country was under Japan’s colonial rule for 35 years prior to being divided. Since the 1950 Korean War that lasted three years, the two countries remain in a state of war, since the war ended in an armstice instead of a peace treaty.

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