Krygyz police kill suspected militant who escaped from jail

Militant who escaped from prison has been killed by Kyrgyz police in shootout

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

Kyrgyz policemen in Bishkek on April 7, 2010

Updated Oct 23, 2015

Kyrgyzstan's Interior Ministry stated on Thursday that Kyrgyz police killed a militant who had escaped from prison, in a shootout  in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek.

According to the ministry spokesman, police killed the man identified as Altynbek Itibayev, who had been charged with murder, after he barricaded himself in an apartment of a 3-storey building and opened fire at officers.

The spokesman added that 2 residents in the building were shot dead upon going outside to the balcony and one policeman was also killed.

Earlier on Thursday, spokesman had stated that there were 2 people who helped Itibayev escape from prison, but they may have escaped.

Itibayev got out of prison due to amnesty in 2014, but was arrested again in July after policemen killed 6 militants in Bishkek. He was convicted of being a member of the same militant group as the dead militants.

He escaped from prison with 8 other convicts on October 11, when the group murdered 3 prison officers. 5 of the fugitives were arrested within hours but Itibayev and others were able to escape.

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