Landslide kills several in Myanmar

Torrential rains cause landslide in Myanmar, killing at least 17 people in eastern areas and many to evacuate

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

A landslide fuelled by torrential rains has killed at least 17 people in eastern Myanmar and has forced many people to evacuate with fear of more casualties.

The Global New Light of Myanmar reported that the landslide hit a village in Hpa-saung of Myanmar on Monday afternoon, killing 10 men and seven women.

Schools and local hospitals have been opened to the use of people who had to evacuate their lands due to expectation of more rains and possible landslides, the media said.

In June, Myanmar faced the worst catastrophe in its history causing several people to lose their lives.

The flooding affected 1.6 million people nationwide.

Myanmar's annual rains help the farmers in ensuring their livelihood, on the other hand it can dangerously cause landslides and strong floods that result in casualties.  

The people of Myanmar who reside in the country’s important rice bowl regions are also faced with the possibility of not reaching their voting destinations for the November 8 elections due to devastated vast swathes of lands and heavy rain.

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