Leader of Bangkok blast flew to China from Bangladesh

Suspected mastermind of Bangkok blast left for China from Bangladesh after two weeks

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

The mastermind behind the Bangkok blast is believed to have fled from Bangladesh to China

Updated Sep 12, 2015

The suspected mastermind of Bangkok deadly blast occured on Aug. 17 had arrived in Bangladesh a day before the attack and left for China after two weeks, Thai police said on Friday.

Bangladeshi police said that the suspected mastermind, planned the intricate details of the attack and fled a day before the blast, he stayed for two weeks in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and flew to Beijing on Aug. 30.

"We checked his name, arrival date and passport number with the immigration department ... we found that it was correct and he left from the same airport [to Beijing]," A.K.M Shahidul Hoque, Inspector General of Bangladesh police, told Reuters.

Hoque said the name of the suspected mastermind on the passport was, Abu Dustar Abdulrahman, adding that his men were looking for the hotel the suspect stayed at.

Thai police said on Friday that the investigation has expanded to Malaysia. The suspect with the yellow t-shirt who was caught leaving the bomb at Erawan Shrine on CCTV has been reported to have fled Thailand for Malaysia as the mastermind is now in China. The suspect is believed to have crossed the border at Sungai Kolok in Narathiwat province.

Police Inspector General, Suchart Teerasawat, who travelled to Malaysia on Wednesday to investigate the suspect, has been charged with leading an investigation with Malaysian police to track down the suspect.

“Police Gen. Suchart Teerasawat travelled to Malaysia on Wednesday, following the discovery that a bombing suspect had sneaked out of the country through a southern border area,” police sources said.

Thai police traced Abu Dustar Abdulrahman, also known as “Izan,” to Bangladesh. According to a diplomatic source, they secured Thai visas in Kuala Lumpur, using Chinese passports with the names, Abu Dustar Abdulrahman in October 2014 and Yusufu Mieraili in February 2015.

Yusufu Mieraili, the second and last suspect who was detained on Aug. 29, had admitted on Wednesday to giving a backpack full of explosives to a man, identified as Abu Dustar Abdulrahman, outside a train station.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, stated that he was not aware that the suspect had flown to China from Bangladesh.

"This case is still under investigation," he said during a daily briefing.

Thai police believe that international militants are responsible for the attack, but have not stated what their motive was.

No individual or group has claimed responsibility yet for the deadly blast in Bangkok, which killed 20 people, including 14 foreign tourists, most of them from Hong Kong and China, and injured more than 100.

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