Magnitude 7.1 earthquake shakes Indonesia

Magnitude 7.1 earthquake shakes Indonesia’s island on Wednesday

Photo by: TRT WORLD
Photo by: TRT WORLD

Indonesia’s southeast island Ambon was hit by by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) said.

There have not been any reports of damages or casualties yet as a result of the earthquake which occurred at a depth of 75 km (47 miles).

USGS said, ''Large earthquakes in eastern Indonesia occur frequently but interplate megathrust events related to subduction are rare; this is likely due to the disconnection of the descending oceanic slab from the continental margin. There have been 9 M7.5+ earthquakes recorded from the Kai Islands to Sumba since 1900. The largest was the great Banda Sea earthquake of 1938 (M8.5) an intermediate depth thrust faulting event that did not cause significant loss of life.''

"The quake was felt strongly in Ambon and Banda, but until now there is no report of damage or casualties," Jandri Pattinama, an officer at a geophysics station in Ambon, told AFP.
"The earthquake did not cause a tsunami," said Mr Sutopo Purwo Nurgoho, Head Data Centre of Indonesian National Disaster Mitigation Agency.  
He said in a statement that the quake was felt most by residents in Ambon, Banda and central Maluku as up to five seconds.
"People were panicked and ran outside and stayed on the streets." 

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