Medvedev eulogizes Crimea’s integration with Russia

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visits Simferopol, capital of newly annexed Crimean oblast where he praised Moscow’s endeavours to integrate the region with Moscow

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev’s visit to new federative province of Crimea marked Moscow’s proceeding endeavours in the region one year after it became a part of the Russian Federation.

Russian PM stated that the Kremlin has never experienced with the integration of such big size areas before in a short while of time.

Medvedev said: “His country has done a lot to make the Autonomous Republic of Crimea as a part of Russia, but it has not finished yet.”

Crimea was annexed by Russia from Ukraine last year March via a plebiscite in which Russian-speaking majority (almost 65 percent) of the Peninsula had a significant role.

In the international level, Crimea is still regarded as a part of Ukraine by overwhelming majority of the world countries despite Russia sees the Peninsula belong to itself from now on.

Medvedev attended to a session of Crimean local parliament and told Russia’s policies in agriculture, education, health and finance sectors by stressing the oblast’s new self-governance autonomy.

He gave official stats of government funds into Crimea in the aforementioned sectors together with infrastructure investments in the region.

Medvedev said Russian state must care about Crimean people, who put their money in Ukrainian banks before the annexation, and compensate their losses.

Crimea is also known as home to Ukraine’s Muslim Tatar community most of which was either forced to fled or voluntarily migrated from the Peninsula after Russian annexation.

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