Misused aid money discovered by Australia

$700,000 aid money is lost due to fraud, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop reveals

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Australian aid money in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, East Timor, Afghanistan and Somalia was discovered to be lost due to fraud as the Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop revealed.

The money was reported to be spread in different cases as the PNG Law and Justice secretariat as well as the entire staff received a 23 percent raise in their salaries which increased to A$577,300 ($633,000).

Employees who decided to resign from their positions  were unjustifiably rewarded while another A$40,000 remains a mystery. However, the Papua New Guinea Government repaid the peculated money in 2012.

The fraud that occurred in Papua New Guinea was published on the district’s website. In 2013 the Ministry said that there are measures for the aid programme.

"Levels of fraud against the aid programme are low," the Ministry said.

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