Multiple bombings kill more than 50 in Afghanistan

Series of blasts kill more than 50 and wound hundreds in Afghanistan

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Multiple blasts killed more than 50 and wounded hundreds, including NATO-led mission forces, local police cadets and many civilians in the Afghan capital of Kabul on late Friday and Saturday, AFP reports.

Taliban took responsibility for the attacks, that have been the deadliest since December 2014, after NATO had completed its combat mission.

The first attack came on Friday after midnight when a powerful truck bomb tore through the centre of Kabul, killing 15 and wounding 240, AFP reported.

Another attack occurred at 7:30pm, when a Taliban suicide bomber wearing a police uniform blew himself up in the 5th district of the Afshar region. The blast at the gate of Kabul Police Academy caused a huge breach and killed at least 20 people.

Explosives and gunfire clashes continued on Friday night, killing another nine people in an attack directed at Camp Integrity, a US Special Forces base in Kabul.

"One Resolute Support (NATO) service member and eight Resolute Support contracted civilians were killed during an attack" said NATO in a statement.

The names and nationalities of those killed by bombings and clashes were not released, Reuters reported.

Military jets immediately started flying over Kabul after Camp Integrity explosion and firefight.

Meanwhile Afghan National Army performed joint military raids with the National Directorate of Security (NDS) and killed 49 armed insurgents on Friday.

According to a press release, the Ministry of Interior Affairs started an operation with the Afghan National Army and the National Directorate of Security (NDS) to clear some of the areas from militants and "enemies of peace and stability of Afghanistan."

“The operations were conducted in Parwan, Faryab, Kunduz, Kandahar, Oruzgan, Ghazni and Helmand provinces, as a result 49 armed insurgents were killed, 50 wounded and two others were arrested by Afghan National Security Forces,” said the Ministry on Saturday adding “Also, during these operations, Afghan National Police discovered and confiscated light and heavy rounds ammunition.”

The fragile peace process between the Afghan government and the Taliban faced its biggest deadly attack since full support by NATO ended and reports emerged about the death of longtime Taliban leader Mullah Oma.

The most alarming fact that stood out after the recent explosions in Afghanistan is the number of civilians killed.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) on Wednesday released a report detailing the number of civilians killed and injured in the Afghan war during the first half of 2015.

UNAMA’s “2015 Midyear Report on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict” outlined that 4,921 civilian casualties have been documented.

The number of female casualties increased by 23 percent and children by 13 percent.

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