Myanmar peace talks underway

There was a peace conference last August, but since the decades-long civil war has actually escalated. Ethnic armed groups are still fighting in the northern Kachin State and in the northeastern Shan State.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

At the core of these ongoing conflicts is the desire of the ethnic minorities to have more political autonomy in the regions of the country where they make up the majority.

Negotiators from opposing sides in Myanmar's civil war meet in the capital Naypyidaw on Wednesday for a five-day peace conference.

The fighting has gone on for almost 70 years, and analysts are sceptical about how effective the talks will be.

"It is complicated. There are many stakeholders in this process with different goals and ambitions," analyst Khin Ma Ma Myo says.

"Myanmar is not yet a federal country and we don't share the wealth of the natural resources,” he adds.

TRT World ’s correspondent Dave Grunebaum looks at the issues behind the conflict and what has happened since the last round of peace talks.