Myanmar president pledges smooth transition for government

Myanmar's President Thein Sein vows to provide “smooth” transition to new government next year

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Myanmar's President Thein Sein

Myanmar's President Thein Sein promised to obey the laws and assure a “smooth” transition to a new government during a meeting with political heads.

Sein attended a meeting with 70 political parties’ heads and discussed the transition period before he turns over power next year when the new parliament is formed.

“The election is the result of our reform process and as we promised, we were able to hold it very successfully," he said at the meeting.

“We will hand this process (of reform) on to a new government," he said, adding "don't worry about the transition."

Myanmar’s opposition National League for Democracy party (NLD) won 12 of the parliamentary seats announced in the first round of results counted so far in November 8th general elections, according to Union Election Commission (UEC).

The NLD leader had won the elections in 1990, the first multi-party elections held since 1960s, but the military junta refused to hand over power.

The other leaders addressed the clashes between the army and ethnic rebel groups fighting for self-governance and asked the government to end its assaults. According to the Shan ethnic minority, the army has increased its attacks against insurgents.

"We want the president to kindly stop the offensive war that is happening in Shan state and let the displaced people go back to their homes," said Sai Tun Aung, vice chairman of the Shan National League for Democracy.

Myanmar's armed ethnic groups and the government signed a ceasefire agreement last month aimed to find a permanent solution to end the long term conflict. Political parties will hold a meeting to discuss this subject by mid January.

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