N Korea asks UN to investigate US anthrax attack

North Korea’s letter to UN asks Security Council to investigate US anthrax attack targeting itself

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

North Korea has accused the United States of targeting through anthrax attack and asked the United Nations Security Council to probe the US "biological warfare schemes" after a live anthrax sample was sent to an American base in South Korea.

"The United States not only possesses deadly weapons of mass destruction... but also is attempting to use them in actual warfare against [North Korea]," Pyongyang's Ambassador to the UN Ja Song Nam wrote in a letter to the Security Council which was publicised by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Friday.

The US mission to the UN declined from an immediate comment on the North Korea’s accusations of live anthrax which can be used as a biological weapon.

North Korea "strongly requests the Security Council take up the issue of the shipment of anthrax germs in order to thoroughly investigate the biological warfare schemes of the United States," Ja wrote in his letter on June 4.

The Pentagon has recently announced that some live anthrax samples were inadvertently sent to some countries including Australia, Canada, Britain and South Korea and as well as laboratories in 19 US states and Washington DC.  

US officials have been investigating that whether the shipments of live anthrax germs stemmed due to control problems in a US base in Utah.

Ja has attached a statement from North Korea's National Defence Commission, that urged the world to raise concern over the anthrax shipment as he warned "the gravest challenge to peace and a hideous crime aimed at genocide."

The US was allegedly said to have also attempted to launch a cyber attack against North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme five years ago, but it ultimately failed to succeed, according to intelligence people familiar with the covert intelligence campaign.

The alleged cyber attack on North Korea was committed five years ago with the now-famous Stuxnet computer virus that was also used to sabotage Iran's nuclear programme in 2009 and 2010.

According to one US intelligence source, Stuxnet software developers had produced a computer virus that would be activated when it comprehended Korean-language settings on an infected machine.

But another high-ranking US intelligence officer worked in the same cyber attack campaign spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity, said that the US agents could succeed in accessing Nuclear Korea’s equipments that function the nuclear weapons.

North Korea is known for its strictly isolated communication systems and that Internet usage is available only to a tiny elite close to the circle and its leader Kim Jong-un with a permission of security authorities.

North Korea and Iran now are the countries which were proven to have targeted by the NSA cyber attacks despite the US is believed to have launched many espionage campaigns through software designed equipments.

The US has been imposing sanctions on North Korea for more than 50 years for various reasons, including the country’s nuclear weapons programme.

The US has long been worrying over North Korea’s nuclear programme and raised its concerns as its regional allies Japan and South Korea were alarmed by Pyongyang’s incremental nuclear activities since the six-party nuclear talks have been suspended.

The six-member diplomatic table had stalled on Pyongyang’s nuclear programme in early 2009 and also interrupted with the death of Kim Jong-il, the father of current North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Many experts and analysts believe that North Korea has remarkably advanced its nuclear capabilities since the six-party talks were broken.  


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