Nauru refugee alleges machete attack, police deny claim

Safety of refugees on Nauru comes under spotlight once again as Iranian man suffers serious injuries from alleged machete attack

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

Refugee advocate holds sign to protest against treatment of refugees.

An Iranian refugee on Nauru filed a complaint over a serious head injured inflicted after two men allegedly attacked him on the head with a machete. However, Nauru police on Monday claimed that the "complaint was made for media exposure only and has no basis."

The Refugee Action Coalition (RAC) reported that the 34-year old Iranian man was "savagely attacked by two Nauruans" on Saturday evening.

The following day,"locals" reportedly returned to the accommodation in Nauru's Nibok District in which the victim resides with his wife, and verbally abused them.

Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for RAC, expressed concerned over the safety of refugees after authorities reportedly responded late to the incident.

"The unprovoked attack once again reveals both the real danger and the complete absence of official willingness to protect refugees on Nauru. The lack of security at Nibok and other camps on Nauru leaves refugees open to attack."

The victim, who lives in the Nauruan community, was reportedly walking alone near the Nibok settlement during the first attack in which assailants approached him on a motorcycle.

A photo purportedly of the alleged victim posted on RAC showed a deep cut across a man's head-which reportedly required 8 stitches.

Despite an unverified police statement sighted by Fairfax Media and the release of photos,  Nauruan police claimed that there was no physical evidence of an attack and the refugee failed to provide a statement to the police.

The alleged victim rejected a police statement which said the incident had "no basis" and said that he showed them his injuries as well as photos, Fairfax media reported.

The man who spoke to Fairfax media said that he did not wish to be identified over fears that his family in Iran may suffer harm.

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