Nemtsov daughter blames Putin for father’s murder

Boris Nemtsov’s daughter blames Vladimir Putin for her father’s murder, claims officials not interested in finding real culprits

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Daughter of slain Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov has said President Vladimir Putin bears “political responsibility” for her father’s murder.

Zhanna Nemtsova, the 30-year-old TV presenter daughter, talked to BBC about her father’s murder as the investigation continues.

Nemtsov was shot and killed on Feb. 27 near Kremlin after giving an interview calling for an anti-war protest. Former deputy prime minister Nemtsov was considered as one of the strongest critics of Putin.

Opposition members blamed Putin for the murder but the Russian leader denied the accusations and condemned the attack.

However, daughter Nemtsova echoed the opposition members' claims and blamed Putin.

She said Putin is “politically responsible” and added the authorities are “not interested in an independent investigation.” She said the officials did not reach out to her about her father’s murder.

As for the possible motivation behind his father’s death Nemtsova said, “He was the most prominent critic of Putin. He was the most powerful leader of the opposition of Russia,” and added: “Now we do not have any other figure so powerful... with so much expertise and experience to confront the officials.”

Nemtsov had been receiving death threats and was preparing a report to reveal Russian involvement in Ukraine conflict.

Russian police arrested two Chechens claiming that they are involved in the murder. The suspects initially confessed to crime.

However, one of the suspects, Zaur Dadayey, later claimed that he was tortured and confessed only to because of it and then claimed innocence.

A member of Russia’s human rights council, Andrei Babushkin, said Dadayey showed him marks on his body suggesting he was tortured.

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