Nepal devoted to preserving its wildlife

Nepal's rapid progress in combating the poachers who kill the animals for their prized horns has drawn praise from conservation groups and activists.

Photo by: AP Archive
Photo by: AP Archive

Poaching had reduced the number of one-horned rhinos to around 100 but the population has climbed over the past decade to around 645.

Nepal has one of the best wildlife conservation policies in the world. And it's often cited as a model for other countries to follow. Poaching of rhino has been kept well under control until a recent incident highlighted the need for the country to maintain its protection efforts.

TRT World's Nick Davies-Jones reports from Nepal

Conservation in Nepal has a long history and it has been supported for years by the world wildlife fund. 

Only three rhinos have been killed by poachers in Nepal in the last four years. The most recent killing was earlier this month when poachers shot dead a one-horned rhinoceros at a national wildlife park in Nepal, spotlighting the threat faced by the rare animals.

Rhino poaching carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in jail and a 100,000-rupee ($1,000) fine.

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