Nepal police kill protesters during opposition rally

Protesters rejecting draft constitution killed in clashes with Nepal police

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

At least 40 people have died since the draft was introduced in August

A four-year-old boy and three others were killed by Nepali police who opened fire on protestors opposing the draft of a new constitution on Wednesday.

At least 40 people have died since the draft was announced in August and at least four people, including a four-year-old boy, have been killed by police firing on demonstrators. The proposed constitution would divide the Himalayan country into seven federal provinces and some ethnic groups disagree with the makeup, borders and size of the provinces

Police official Rajendra Dhakal said, "The police fired teargas to try and disperse the crowd, but we unsuccessful. Then they resorted to rubber bullets," and also added  "Police were forced to open fire because the protesters attacked them from all directions."

Nepali police have said that they did not use live rounds against demontrators.

At least five protestors and 20 police officers have been wounded in clashes.

Nepal's Constituent Assembly has initiated voting on a draft of the constitution despite protests from ethnic minority groups. 

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