Nepalese police kill Indian man while dispersing protesters

Nepalese police shot dead Indian citizen while dispersing protesters at key border crossing between Nepal, India to clear vital supply line day after negotiation talks failed

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

A man walks near a truck in Birgunj, a town on the border with India, Nepal, November 2, 2015.

An Indian citizen was shot dead by Nepalese security forces while clearing protesters from a border crossing in India on Monday, as they were blocking vital trade route between India and Nepal.

Local media outlets reported that the violence erupted when police raided the demonstration area, detained five protesters and killed one Indian citizen.

Indian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Vikas Swarup said that India is concerned about the clashes in which “an innocent Indian” was shot dead and more than 20 people, including 15 policemen, were injured.

After the incident, 205 trucks carrying fuel and other goods crossed into town of Raxaul in India from Birgunj municipality in Nepal. However, thousands of vehicles from the Indian side of the crossing are still waiting to enter Nepal.

Activists of Nepal’s ethnic Madhesi group protest against the new constitution at Birganj, a town on the border with India, Nepal on October 14, 2015

The Nepalese protesters from the Madhesi community had blocked two main border crossings from India to their land-locked country, saying the new constitution adopted by the Nepalese parliament marginalises them.

The new constitution, which was adopted on September 20, mandates the division of the country into seven federal provinces. The protesters, who mostly belong to ethnic minorities, say the new internal borders leave them underrepresented in the national parliament.

Nepalese government and representatives from the Madhesi community came together on Sunday to reach a consensus over the issue.

The meeting ended inconclusively, but Nepal's Deputy Prime, Minister Kamal Thapa who leads the negotiation process stated that the talks are moving in a positive direction.

Since the conflict began in August, at least 45 people have lost their lives in clashes between Nepalese security forces and anti-constitution protesters.

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