Nepal's tourism industry is on the mend

Tourists are returning to Nepal, two years after an earthquake killed thousands, devastated lives, communities and the country's tourism industry.

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

Tourism, including trekking and climbing permit fees, contributes about 4 percent of Nepal's gross domestic product.

The earthquake in Nepal that killed 9,000 people two years ago didn't just devastate lives and communities, but the country's tourism industry as well.

Nepal is home to eight of the world's 14 highest peaks, including one face of Mount Everest which straddles the border with China.

Around 800,000 tourists visited Nepal in 2014 and tourism contributes around 4 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP).

At least 743 monuments were damaged by the quakes in 2015, including centuries-old temples, monasteries and palaces listed as world heritage sites by UNESCO.

However, the country is beginning to rebound and tourists have begun to trickle back in.

 TRT World's Nick Davies-Jones reports from the capital Kathmandu.

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