Ninth suspect in Bangkok bombing identified by Thai police

Thai police identifies ninth suspect of Bangkok bombing as Chinese national

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Thai police spokesman Prawut Thawornsiri during a news conference In Bangkok, Thailand

Ninth arrest warrant for Bangkok’s deadly bombing has been issued by Thai police today, after alleged suspect, Yusufu Meerailee was arrested near Thailand's Cambodian border on Tuesday.

The suspect, who bears a striking resemblance to the passport picture released by a military source on Tuesday, is the second person to be arrested for the Aug 17 bombing, that killed 20 people and injured 120.

It is believed that the man taken into custody is a Chinese national from the Xinjiang province.

Police spokesperson Lt. Gen. Prawuth Thawornsiri, showed the photo of the suspect, taken during his arrest at the border. Prawuth said, "Based on police information, I think this man is not the yellow-shirt man who placed the bomb at the crime scene at Ratchaprasong intersection. But his duty is likely involved in the explosive materials of this network."

The suspect is currently under police custody, and he is being charged with possessing explosives.  Police sources have stated that, they found his fingerprints on a bottle of bomb-making material, which was recovered during a raid on an apartment over the weekend.

Initially Thai authorities suggested that two of the eight suspects may possibly be Turkish.  Turkish Embassy released a statement saying that it has not received confirmation from Thai authorities regarding the nationalities of the suspects.

Adem Karadag, the first suspect to be detained, was arrested last Saturday. Initially he was alleged to be Turkish, but the allegation was later proven to be false, as the suspect was carrying a fake Turkish passport.

Thai National Police Spokesman, Prawut Thawornsiri, also confirmed that the document is fake and they do not know the man’s nationality.

“The passport you see is fake,” said Prawut, “We don’t know if he is Turkish or not.”

Thailand’s National TV on Saturday aired an image of a suicide vest, that allegedly belonged to the bomber.

The image was later proven to be unrelated to the bombing in Thailand, as it was taken from US Transport Security Administration’s official blog dating back to March 8, 2013.

Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman in Ankara, urged Thai authorities to "provide clear and correct information."

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