Opposition official in Bangladesh blamed for murder

Senior Bangladeshi official accuses opposition member of plotting to kill Italian aid worker

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Journalists take photographs of the body of Italian citizen Cesare Tavella, who was gunned down in an attack claimed by Islamic State in Dhaka. [AP]

A senior Bangladeshi official claimed that an official from the main opposition party masterminded the killing of an Italian aid worker, to destroy the government’s credibility.

Home Minister, Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal told reporters on Wednesday that the Bangladesh police is tracking Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) official, M. A. Quayum throughout the country for his alleged involvement in the killing of Italian aid worker, Cesare Tavella last week.

Italian citizen Cesare Tavella (50) was shot dead on Sept. 28 when he was jogging near Dhaka’s diplomatic zone.

Bangladesh police arrested four suspects in connection with the murder of Tavella on Monday.  

According to Kamal “Quayum is the big brother" of the murderers.

DAESH has reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack.

Only a week after Tavella’s killing, the group said they were behind the murder of a Japanese farmer, who was killed by gunmen in northern Bangladesh.

The group also carried out an attack targeting the capital's main Shiite shrine last week, leaving one person dead and injuring dozens.

Despite all the claims, the government in Bangladesh has denied the activities of the extremist group in the country, saying that there is only threat from the opposition in Bangladesh.

Following the attack on the Shiite shrine in Dhaka, Bangladesh police arrested a former BNP lawmaker and several senior BNP and Jamaat officials, accusing them of prompting political unrest.

Responding to the claims by the home minister, BNP Secretary General, Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that the claims of Kamal are “unacceptable and not believable."

"We've said clearly that the government should conduct proper investigations into these murders. Instead, they are using these to suppress a democratic opposition," Alamgir said.

The government in Bangladesh has frequently blamed BNP and its main ally Jamaat e Islami for carrying out plots to destabilize the government to gain political ground, since they refused to run in the 2014 general election.

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