Pakistan tests surface-to-air missile successfully

Pakistani army announces test of ballistic missile system in Karachi completed featly

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Pakistan successfully tested a surface-to air missile, according to a statement from the Pakistani military on Monday.  

Pakistani army said the test of FM-90 ballistic missile system was conducted in near-by the Karachi district.

In the statement it is emphasised that weather-resistant FM-90 ballistic system, which has strengthened country’s air defence system with the ability of coming out through the “electronic countermeasures,” is able to bring other kind of missiles down by its Cruise missiles and unmanned air vehicles.  

“I appreciate standards of training which was procured during the ballistic missile test," Commander of the Pakistani air forces Rahil Sharif said in his speech at  Pakistan Centre of Missile Test and Air Defence.

"You should continue to develop this system against every threats,“ said Sharif.

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