Pakistani female pilot died after her trainer jet crashed

Pakistani female pilot was killed after her trainer jet crashed near Kundian in Mianwali

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

One of Pakistan‘s few female fighter jet pilots was killed in a training crash

Updated Nov 25, 2015

A 22-year-old Pakistani fighter pilot, Marium Mukhtiar, was killed on Tuesday after her jet crashed in Mianwali district in the northwest of Punjab province. She was the first female pilot of Pakistan who died during an active duty.

The air force said in a statement that accident occurred during "routine operational training". The second pilot was alive.

"Squadron Leader Saqib Abbasi and Flying Officer Marium Mukhtiar were on a routine operational training mission when it encountered a serious in-flight emergency during the final stages of the mission," the air force said.

"Both pilots handled the emergency with professionalism and courage and tried to save the aircraft till the last minute. Ensuring safety of life and property of civilian population on ground, both the pilots ejected and the aircraft crashed near Kundian, Mianwali," Pakistan Air Force added.

The air force included 19 women pilots in 2013, Mukhitar being the first female pilot who was killed on duty.

On May, The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the downing of a helicopter in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region which killed seven people, including ambassadors.

According to a Pakistani Taliban spokesman, the main target of the attack was Pakistan’s president Nawaz Sharif, an emailed statement in the Urdu language said.

“The helicopter was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile, killing pilots and many foreign ambassadors,” said the statement.

Two Pakistani pilots, the wives of the ambassadors of Indonesia and Malaysia, Norwegian ambassador Leif H Larsen, and Philippines ambassador Domingo D Lucenario were among the dead in the MI-17 helicopter crash.

The ambassadors of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Netherland, Romania, Norway, South Africa, the Philippines and Poland were among the confirmed passengers.


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