Pressure mounts on China to curb air pollution menace

Toxic particles in the air cause nearly a million premature deaths in China every year.

Global warming has boosted the frequency and severity of deadly air pollution peaks in northern China, scientists said this week.

At this year's national people's congress, China's premier Li Keqiang promised to make the country's skies blue again. 

But for many people in Beijing, it's a promise they've heard many times before. 

With increasing awareness about air pollution, the pressure is mounting on China's government.

Last year, Chinese authorities sent inspection teams to 15 provinces. More than 6000 government officials were penalised for failing to meet their environmental duties. But it hasn't solved China's pollution problem. 

Toxic particles in the air cause nearly a million premature deaths in the country every year.

TRT World's Dan Epstein has more details.