Red Cross condemns attack on Nepali ambulance

Red Cross organizations condemn attack on ambulance and killing of injured police officer in Nepal

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Nepalese riot police personnel form a line to prevent Hindu activists from marching towards a restricted area near the parliament during a protest rally demanding Nepal to be declared as a Hindu state in the new constitution, Nepal, September 14, 2015

Nepal Red Cross Society, the International Committee of the Red Cross, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies condemned the attack on an ambulance in Nepal by protesters on Monday.

Five demonstrators and a police officer has died in clashes between protesters and police last Friday.

The police officer was being taken to a hospital after being beaten by protesters on his way to work in the southeastern district of Mahottari, when a mob stopped the ambulance, dragged him out and torched the vehicle.

The Red Cross organizations said “The Red Cross calls on all parties to exercise restraint and urge them to allow ambulance services to carry out their tasks.”

The Red Cross also added that, all parties should ensure injured people get access to emergency services without discrimination.

Nepal has been facing protests against the new constitution and clashes between protestors and policemen for the last few weeks.

The government and other major political parties introduced a draft constitution, after seven years of work, aiming to provide political stability and economic development in Nepal. Under the constitutional proposals, Himalayan districts will be divided into six provinces.

However, people from the Madhes ethnic group, demand that they be given a separate state. They have stated that the narrow strip of territory, which they recognize as their homeland, should not be divided into more than two states. Ethnic groups, some of them Madhesi, some of them Hindu, are worried about their constitutional rights under the new constitution.




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