S Korea jails attacker of US ambassador for 12 years

South Korea court jails attacker of US ambassador for 12 years for attempted murder

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

US ambassador Mark Lippert after knife attack 10 March, 2015

Kim Ki-jong, 55-year-old South Korean who slashed the US ambassador in the face was jailed for 12 years by a South Korean court on Friday.

Kim Ki-jong attacked ambassador Mark Lippert with a fruit knife during a forum on Korean reunification in Seoul March 5. Lippert, 42, suffered deep gashes to his face and wrist and was in hospital for five days.

Ki-jong was found guilty for attempted murder, as well as assaulting a foreign envoy. He had also been charged with violating the National Security Act of South Korea, but was acquitted of this accusation.

South Korea investigated Kim after officials found out about Kim’s seven trips to North Korea, raising questions about a possible connections to Pyongyang.

However, Kim has said he attacked the US ambassador in order to protest the joint military drills by US and South Korean troops, denying any connections to the North.

The two Koreas technically remain at war after an armistice, rather than a peace treaty, brought the 1950-53 Korean War to a close.

South Korea and the US hold regular joint military drills, which the North condemns, claiming they are preparations for war against itself.


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