Second foreigner killed in Bangladesh

Japanese worker killed in Bengali capital by two unidentified men after ISIS claims death of Italian worker week ago

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

A Japanese man was killed on Saturday in the northern Bengali capital, a week after ISIS had claimed the killing of another Italian aid worker in a similar way.

The Bengali police said that the man killed was identified as as 66-year-old Kunio Hoshi. He was shot three times while riding a rickshaw to a tract of land where he was cultivating grass.

The two gunmen had their faces covered and fled the area after they shot the man, who lost his life on his way to the hospital. Another man was waiting on a motorcycle and the three unidentified men fled the scene of the crime together.   

Three people were detained for questioning, however, the men who fled the scene haven't been detained yet.

Earlier, the leader of Al Qaeda’s branch on the Indian subcontinent claimed responsibility for killing another Italian worker along with several killings in the county.

A series of attacks were carried out against bloggers who criticized Islam.

Bangladesh is governed by a secular party, but the majority of the people in the country traditionally practice Islam.

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