Seoul says North Korea has resumed propaganda broadcasts

South Korea says North has resumed loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts across heavily militarised border

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

North Korea has resumed border propaganda broadcasts

North Korea has followed the South in resuming loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts across the countries' heavily militarised border, Seoul's defence ministry announced on Monday.

"North Korea resumed its own propaganda campaign using loudspeakers today at a site in the eastern section of the border," a ministry spokesman told AFP.

The two Koreas blasted propaganda messages at each other across the border for years before the practice was discontinued by mutual agreement in 2004 during a period of rapprochement.

South Korea turned the loudspeakers back on last week in retaliation for a landmine attack, blamed on North Korea, that maimed two of its soldiers while they were on a border patrol.

The North denied any involvement in the mine blasts and on Saturday threatened "indiscriminate" strikes against South Korean border units unless the broadcasts were halted immediately.

There was no official confirmation from the North that it had restarted its loudspeaker campaign.