Six militants sentenced to death for Peshawar school attack

Pakistani military announces death sentences for six militants over Peshawar school attack

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Death sentences were given by a military court to six militants responsible for the bloody massacre during a school attack in the northern city of Peshawar.

The deadly assault on the Army Public School was conducted by seven militants affiliated with Tehrik-i-Taliban on December 16 last year, killing at least 150 people, including 133 children.   

The Pakistani army said that militants "were given a fair trial" in court before the decision was handed down.

According to a statement from the Pakistani military, a total of seven militants were found responsible for the mass murder which took place in the school. Six of the militants has been sentenced with the death penalty, while another was sentenced to lifelong imprisonment.

"The convicts were given fair trial by following all the legal formalities and offering/ providing them legal aid and defense counsels. Today the sentences of death have been confirmed by the chief of army staff," a statement issued on the military's website said.

It was the first time death sentences were given by a court in Pakistan to punish assailants of the Army Public School massacre, according to the BBC.

The army school attack has been the deadliest one among the others that has been experienced in the country so far, the death toll exceeding the Karachi bombing which left more than 139 dead with 450 wounded in the last months of 2007.

The deadly Peshawar Army School attack came as a retaliation attempt by the Taliban after Pakistan’s troops launched a full-scale offensive in June last year against the militant groups who operated in the northern Waziristan and Khyber tribal districts of the country.


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