Six more migrant bodies found in Thai trafficking camp

Thai police have found another six corpses in the human trafficking camp, bringing the number of migrants killed there to 32

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Police in Thailand have dug up six more bodies of Rohingya migrants from Myanmar where a mass grave was found at the weekend.

The bodies belong to "two men and four women,” military officials said.

The 26 corpses of Bangladeshi and Rohingya migrants who were detained by human smugglers was discovered last week at the same camp.

Authorities also found a second abandoned camp used for human trafficking, and rescued three people.

The United States has called for a credible inquiry into the discovery of the mass grave.

Three Thai officials and a Myanmar national were arrested for their suspected involvement in the trafficking. Twelve police officers were transferred to inactive posts on suspicion of having received bribes from traffickers.

Thai officials and many civil society groups say there are more camps on the area, which is near the Malaysia-Thailand border.

NGOs have also claimed Malaysians are linked to the human trafficking scheme, but Malaysia denies that.

Malaysia has been the main destination for refugees and asylum seekers, in particular for Muslim Rohingya who have escaped from persecution and discrimination.

According to the UN, Rohingyas are the most persecuted minority in the planet. After attacks by Buddhists in the summer of 2012, they began to flee en masse to find safety and work.

Their difficult journey is controlled by human smugglers who detain them in jungle camps until their families pay ransom. At least 86 thousand were estimated to flee the country in last two years.

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