Six worshippers killed in DAESH rocket attack in Afghanistan

Rocket fired by DAESH hits mosque in eastern Afghanistan leaving at least six dead, injuring four others

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Afghan men pray in a mosque on the holy day of Ashoura in Kabul, Afghanistan on October 24, 2015

A rocket reportedly fired by DAESH hit a mosque in eastern Afghanistan, killing six worshippers and injuring four others, a local official said on Saturday.

The attack occurred on Friday in Achin, southeast of Jalalabad in Nangarhar province. District Governor Haji Ghalib said on Saturday that DAESH fired a number of projectiles at the area, one of which landed on the mosque as dozens of people were performing Friday prayer.

It was not clear if the attack was aimed at the mosque or security forces based nearby.

Hazrat Hussain Mashriqiwal, a spokesman for the Nangarhar police chief, said that two suspects had been detained, one of whom was a foreigner.

On October 5, Ghalib expressed his concerns about a possible DAESH attack against a number of towns in Nangarhar province. He had said that DAESH was on a defensive mode and engaged in clashes with Afghan security forces.

In recent months, Nangarhar, one of the main strongholds of DAESH on the border with Pakistan, has witnessed a rise in the number of DAESH terrorists in some of its districts.

On June 16, Taliban warned DAESH leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi against “waging a parallel insurgency in Afghanistan” demanding him to keep his men out of Afghanistan.

DAESH has been building up its presence in Afghanistan by fighting both government forces and Taliban.

The presence of DAESH in Afghanistan has also affected countries outside of Afghanistan. Russia said that it was concerned about the threat to its central Asian neighbours, and US commanders citing the movement as a reason to put off plans to pull out troops next year.

Afghanistan is still suffering from violence and insecurity 14 years after the US and its allies attacked the country in 2001 under the guise of Washington’s war on terror. Although the attack overthrew the Taliban, violence is incrementally increasing.

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