Suspects in murder of Bangladeshi teenager to face trial

Bangladeshi officials charge 13 men over killing 13-year-old boy for alleged theft

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Bangladeshi police arrest the attackers of 13-year-old boy

Updated Aug 19, 2015

Thirteen men in northeastern Bangladesh were charged on Sunday for beating of a 13-year old boy, named Samiul Rajon to death last month allegedly accusing him of stealing a bicycle.

A video of the incident which displays the boy’s being tortured was posted by the offensives, going viral on the internet and stunning the whole nation.

Associated Press said that Detective Branch Inspector Suranjit Talukdar of Sylhet sent the charges against the men, who involved in killing of Rajon, to a court in Sylhet city on Sunday evening.

The main suspect idenfitied in the video was detained in Saudi Arabia and he will be decreed after extradition while the other accused men were arrested with the help of the residents. Some of the attackers were said to be caught when they tried to dispose of the boy’s body.

According to reports, the incident took place in Sundar Ali Market in Kumargaon area in the outskirts of Sylhet when the men accused the boy of stealing a bicycle. They forced him to confess the theft by harshly beating him.

Dying of internal bleeding with 64 injury marks on his body, Rajon was a boy who left school to work and help his family, in his case selling vegetables, like many poor children in Bangladesh.

In the 28-minute video, recorded with a cellphone camera, one man hit Rajon with a stick for fifteen minutes while the boy cried and screamed in pain saying ‘’Don't beat me please, I'll die, I'll die.’’. When the boy pleaded for water, the attackers laughed at him.

The video caused a great blow in the country and triggered many protests across the Asian Nation. About 36,000 people signed an online petition which asks for the “highest punishment possible” for the attackers.

A magistrate in Sylhet, Farhana Yasmin, appointed a trial for August 24 to determine whether charges will be accepted or not. If 13 suspects are convicted of murder, each could face a death penalty.

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